What is Crystal-Infusion? How it works and what you need to know.

It is likely that you have experienced the positive benefits of using gemstones and crystals in your life. People have always noticed that Gemstones and Crystals bring them positive energy when we watch them, or touch them with our skin. Ancient healers have noticed that this effect could be amplified even further by Crystal-Infusion. Here is what you need to know about it.

How do gemstones and crystals benefit us?

Once having come in contact with Crystals and Gemstones, they are likely to affect us consciously or subconsciously. Whether in the form of Gemstone Jewelry, crystals on your bedside table or even in your cosmetics products, Gemstones and Crystals are likely to have a positive impact on you. But how come something so seemingly inanimate as stones can be a  source of positive energy?

Created over thousands of years under immense earthly pressure, gemstones, and crystals have formed in a way of condensing and transforming this pressure into pure energy. Their energy works on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. As Gemstones and crystals emit the energy they had accumulated over time through color and composition, we can benefit from it if we come into contact with it. Any sort of contact. 
Crystal-infusion by wearing Gemstone Jewelry

Everything Flows

In many traditions, old or new, it is believed that everything in nature is in constant motion. Even the smallest atomic particles have a certain frequency. In the case of Gemstones and Crystals, this vibration is dependent on color and composition. Stones transmit their energies in a way that is filtering individual qualities while strengthening others.

Any type of energy is in contact motion. It is usually released and changes form, unless it is temporarily stored. As humans, we are made of the same planetary (earthy) carbon that all stones are made of and that is why we can absorb their energies so efficiently. Our human body understands the entire range of earthy frequencies that stones carry and this is why they are so beneficial for us. 

Gemstone Jewelry allows for Crystal energy to be absorbed by the body through skin touch

How does Crystal-Infusion Work?

Because the energy of gemstones and crystals has such a direct effect on us, we learned that we can infuse certain products we use daily with stones so we can enhance their benefit.
A beautiful example is to use our crystals and gemstones in our water. Water is a very sensitive substance. It is believed to have its own consciousness so it reacts to any other substance coming in contact with it by absorbing its energy and in many cases amplifying it. This is why, when you bring crystals in touch with water, it absorbs and stores the energy of that crystal. Such methods have been done by ancient healers for ages, as remedies for various conditions and ailments. 
The Original Crystal Infusion Water Bottles by Rock Your Water

 Crystal-Infused Cosmetics

Another way to use gemstones and crystals in our everyday use of products is in the cosmetics that we use on our skin. As our bodies  mainly consist of water, they can absorb the vibrations of gemstones and crystals. Such infusions can bring us to a higher energetic level. 


Crystal Infused Cosmetics by Flow

The combination of the best natural ingredients in your cosmetics combined with the concentrated energy of certain crystals and gemstones helps to harmonize the body's energy flow. Through using crystal infused cosmetics, our skin becomes radiant, vibrant, and feels soft. We radiate on more than one level.