The One Stop Guide to Crystal Water Bottles: Do you need one?

Loving crystals has gone mainstream, but crystal-infused water (crystal elixir) is more than just a temporary fad. There's an ancient story behind crystal healing, and if you're thinking about trying it to bring goodness to your life, here's what you should know.

The One Stop Guide to Crystal Water Bottles: Do you need one?

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia used crystals stones for healing 6,000 years ago. Later, the knowledge of crystals and their positive energy spread to Ancient Egypt, as well as India and it's Hindu and Buddhist cultures. In the case of India, till this day people are treating health problems with crystals. In many other cultures, people have always adorned themselves with crystals to ward off illness and believed that stones promoted qualities such as prosperity and love.

Somewhere along the way, while the world galloped towards new inventions, we traded ancient wisdom for the benefits of globalisation. But now, perhaps more than ever, there is space for it in our busy urbanites' lives. Crystal elixirs can become the mindful habit to try for restoring energy levels, bringing good vibes, or maybe finally making meditation an integral part of our daily routine.

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How do crystal water bottles work exactly?

Crystal-infused water is water charged by the power of crystal stone and conscious intention, such as in yoga meditations. By placing a crystal stone in a bottle, it gives back its accumulated energy into the water you drink. Hydration and Healing Energy - that’s the combo we like! Each crystal has a unique power: some lower the levels of stress, some improve creativity, others are good in balancing emotions, and so on.

"After using my crystal water bottle for two weeks, I felt calmer, much more relaxed. I didn’t notice any wow effect, though. But if you are a very negative, impulsive or aggressive person, you’ll need more than just a gem water bottle,” - says Rebeca Lopez, a blogger from the USA.

The science behind it started with the discovery that water has memory. The molecular structure of water changes with what it comes in touch with, even thoughts and emotions (see the studies of Dr. Emoto). Since our body is practically made of water, our thoughts and emotions are directly affecting our body and its health from day one. By infusing our drinking water in contact with the positive healing powers of crystals we get a chance to radically change our own body from within. 

The water in our body has always been infused by own thoughts and emotions. It has always been this way. While it is of great value to develop positive/healthy thinking patterns, crystal-infusion is a powerful way to support ourselves using our own drinking water.   

How to use Crystal-infusion water bottles?

The most simple way is to use it like any other water bottle. Fill it up with fresh water and drink away. The crystal inside will infuse your water through day and you probably won't be able to ignore it so you would probably drink more while valuing each drop much more. 

The more interesting and conscious way to use crystal water bottles requires a bit of intention setting. Before using the crystal, meditate a minute to enhance the properties of the crystal stone. Hold the crystal for a moment and think about the qualities you’d like it to attract to your life. For example, if you struggle with anxiety, imagine yourself calm and balanced; if you lack love in your life - envision a place where you are surrounded by the people you love. You may find that every time you'll be drinking from your crystal water bottle, it’ll remind you of those qualities.

Even if you don’t know how to meditate, or don’t know how to work with crystal stones, crystal-infused water would still do a lot for you. Sometimes, just taking a look at your gem-water bottle, filled with your crystal elixir, is enough to instantly inspire you and get into the right mood. 

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What Crystal Bottle Do I Need? 

Your body knows best what it needs right now, so follow your intuition and heart and choose what you are drawn to. Alternatively, read a bit about the different crystal stone’s properties and let this guide you:

Clear Quartz Crystal Water Bottle balances mind and body, promotes clarity of thinking and healing on a physical level. It’s a multi-purpose crystal, so if you are new to the crystal world its a good place to start. 

Rose Quartz Crystal Water Bottle promotes self-love, healing, protection, and emotional stability. 

Smoky Quartz Crystal Water Bottle minimizes stress levels, helps with detoxing, promotes healing and cleansing. 

Citrine Crystal Water Bottle increases self-confidence, happiness and the power of self-expression.

Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle calms down and fills with energy.

Obsidian Crystal Water Bottle adds power and brings stability and grounding.


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Is it safe to drink crystal water?

Drinking water charged with the power of some quartz crystal stones is safe with some crystals but not any crystal. It is perfectly safe to drink water that is in touch with the above-mentioned 6 crystals from the Quartz family. It is strongly advised to avoid crystals that dissolve in water, like selenite, or any hazardous crystal stones, like aventurine or aquamarine. Since some crystals release hazardous particles in the water this is very important to take into account.  

It is therefore very important to buy crystal-bottles from a trusted brand where it is guaranteed that the crystals are certified as both genuine and natural (untreated chemically) and by no means get any other crystal than the above six. 

With regard to taste, crystals don’t really affect the taste of water, other than making it seem a bit softer.  

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How to take care of my crystal water bottle and how to charge it?

Gems do not need special cleaning or care. While the glass bottles can be washed by hand or washing machine, the crystal stones should only be washed by hand under fresh water. Since they retain the energy they come in contact with, it is recommended to “wash away” their energy regularly, especially if you are using your crystal water bottle on an everyday basis.

The most common way to recharge crystals is to charge them with lunar energy (the moon). The ideal time starts right after the sunset. Place the crystal stone on a natural surface or in a window sill, where it can get direct moonlight. In the morning, take the crystal from its “charging place”, think about the power you would like your crystal to possess. Meditate on it as filled with love, confidence, strength, courage, intelligence, and kindness. Now the gem is ready to be used in water to create crystal-elixirs again.

Some people would say: “Isn't it only a glass bottle with a stone inside, what's the fuss all about”? Gwyneth Paltrow, Juliette Thornbury, Miranda Kerr already know the answer and continue using their crystal water bottles daily. While you might not become a crystal devotee overnight, trying a crystal water bottle can not only be a positive mindful habit in your life, it could end up being the missing piece in your puzzle.