Crystal-Infused Chakra Cosmetics

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Crystal-Infused Chakra Cosmetics

We love the Crystal-Infused Chakra Cosmetics by Flow. They are made in Finland and are 100% Organic, Cruelty-Free, Fair Trade, Natural Cosmetics. Based on the seven Chakras.

Crystal-Infused Chakra Cosmetics by Flow

  • Are made with natural and organic ingredients
  • Are effective and aromatherapeutic
  • Are environmentally friendly and made with recyclable packaging
  • Contains no synthetic scents and dyes
  • Contains no parabens and other synthetic preservatives
  • Contains no mineral oils and petrochemicals
  • Contain no ethoxylated ingredients such as PEG
  • Contains no SLS, SLES and other surfactants
  • Have not been tested on animals

Flow produces natural cosmetics since 2004. The Flow products are produced in our small factory in Riihimäki, Finland. Flow also develops their own recipes there, so that it can check the process from the beginning and manage the entire production, from raw material to shipment. 
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