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Crystal Water Bottles Collection - The Original Rock Your Water Bottles by Manipura

The Original Crystal-Infusion Water Bottles

Shop here a large selection of the popular and trendy crystal-infused water bottles. Our selection of Crystal Infused water bottles is perfect for you if you are looking to infuse and recharge your drinking water. Our gemstone water bottles are made out of high-quality glass, with a removable crystal pod infuser and a base to make the cleaning easy. The crystals used in the pods are certified and authentic natural crystals that are high-quality to revive you inside out. You can select from many different crystals that will suit your needs.

One stop guide to crystal water bottles             

How do gemstone bottles work?

It is believed that water reacts with different substances when it comes to contact by absorbing its effects and amplifying them. Therefore, water is a perfect component to transfer the powerful attributes of the natural healing crystals to your body. This method has been used by ancient healers for decades. The gemstone bottles are a simple, easy, and modern way to make use of this old tradition.

Are crystal water bottles safe?

Our reusable crystal glass water bottles are 100% safe. No harmful chemicals are being infused into your water. The glass bottles do not contain any BPA or lead. They are temperature resistant and you can wash the glass bottle body in the dishwasher. Other parts should be hand washed. 

What are the benefits of crystal water bottles?

There are many benefits to using cristal water bottles. We offer many different gemstone water bottles and each of them contains unique healing powers. If you are looking for healing from stress and anxiety, our Rose Quartz crystal water bottle is perfect for you. Our citrine crystal water bottle gives you more energy and self-confidence since it is connected to the solar plexus chakra. A black obsidian crystal bottle will help you to clear the negative energy around you. You can purchase the crystal pods separately to change them to fit your current healing needs.

FAQ About Crystal Infusion Water Bottles

Still, have some questions? Visit our dedicated support page to learn all about our bottles. 


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