Crystal-Infusion Water Bottles - Common Questions

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What exactly is a Crystal Water bottle or Crystal Elixir?

Crystal water bottles have many different names: Crystal elixirs, gem water, gem tonics, gem elixirs, crystal waters, crystal tonics, etc. All these names often have the same meaning - water bottles that are made for Crystal-Infusion by adding natural crystals to bottle so it can revitalize the water. 

How does the Water bottle work?

Water is a very sensitive substance. It is believed to have its own consciousness so it reacts to any other substance coming in contact with it by absorbing its energy and in many cases amplifying it. This is why, when you add crystals into water, it absorbs the energy of that crystal. Such methods have been done by ancient healers for ages, as remedies for various conditions and ailments. Our bottle is a modern, safe and very beautiful version of this old tradition. 

How do I use my Crystal Water Bottle?

Super Easy - Just pour fresh water into it, and enjoy drinking.  On your first use, however, we advise taking all the pieces apart, washing them very well to make sure all is clean and hygienic, and then putting them back together so you can start enjoying it. 

Does the Crystal touch the water?

Yes! We wouldn't have it any other way. Our natural crystals are always in direct touch with your water so they can affect it in the best possible way. 

What is the Crystal Water Bottle made of?

Rock Your Water bottles are made of Glass, stainless steel cup and base, and a natural Quartz Crystals.  

How is the Crystal attached to the bottle?

The crystal is attached to the base of the bottle by a stainless steel cord going through its base and connecting it, neatly and securely, to the base of the bottle. There is no use of glue or any other material.

How much water can the Bottle hold?

The bottle can hold 500-550ml which is roughly 18 ounces, depending on the size of the crystal in it. 

How can I wash/clean the Water bottle?

The glass body can be cleaned by hand under the tap. The stainless steel parts can be easily screwed off and washed by hand as well. The Crystal itself can be easily washed by hand in fresh water. Please do not put any part in the dishwasher under high heat. 

Question about the Genuine natural Crystals we use at Rock Your Water    

What is a genuine Crystal?

A genuine crystal is real Semi-Precious stone that has been artfully cut, by hand, into a crystal shape. A fake crystal (non-genuine) is in most case made of Glass that is colored to look like a genuine stone. Stones carry a unique and unlimited energy that is used to infuse your water and transform it. Glass cannot do that unfortunately. 

What is a natural Gemstone/Crystal?

A natural crystal is a stone that is untreated, as opposed to stones that are being worked on chemically or dyed with added colors. 

Why is it important to get a Genuine and Natural Crystal?

A non-genuine crystal is simply not a stone and therefore, in the best case, will not affect your water at all. An unnatural crystal is a stone that has been chemically treated and may contain particles of hazardous chemicals that could be dangerous when in touch with our drinking water. 

How do I know if the Crystals are genuine?

All our Rock Your Water crystals are certified as genuine and natural. This means that they are real and powerful of course, but more importantly - it means that they do not contain hazardous chemicals that are often used to treat unnatural stones. 

What Crystals/Gemstones are available?

At the moment we offer bottles with Clear/Crystal Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst. Very soon we will offer three additional gemstones: Obsidian, Citrine, and Smoky Quartz. All six stones are from the Quartz family which means they are safe for water infusions. We do not advise using any other stone to infuse drinking water.  

Can I buy the crystal pods separately from the glass bottle?

Yes of course. Feel free to choose any pod you like. They all fit perfectly into any of our bottles. Be sure to buy only the original product to make sure everything fits perfectly.   

What is the size and the shape of the Crystals?

Our crystals are very beautifully cut. They are multi faceted and pointy which is exactly how you would want them. They are however natural stones, which means they are still raw and imperfect, and therefore very powerful. Crystals are about 2cm wide at their base and 8-10cm high. They naturally appear bigger when the bottle is full.  

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