What is a Mala?

We are often asked what is a Mala. A simple and fair description would be a physical reminder of the heart’s intentions. It all starts with Intention. Malas have originally been a powerful awakening tool for ancient yogis. When they first appear they were called ‘prayer beads’ and they could be found in different spiritual traditions, as beautiful tools supporting spiritual practice by bringing us back to the present moment. 
yogis and saddus wearing malas


While the original Malas were made out of various seeds, and were therefor mostly similar to each other, over time, more and more Malas were created out of crystals and minerals. In this way, it was possible to harness the powerful properties of Earth’s stones into a more unique purpose, tailored to the needs of the wearer. As we learn more and more about the healing properties and energies of stones, we are able to create Malas that are personal, meaningful, inspirational, and at the same time beautiful.
celebrities wearing mala
We are real lovers of Earth’s stones! We are fascinated by their colors, shapes and beauty. Crystals and gemstones have been used for centuries in many civilizations as amulets, adornments and in many cases - for health. We use gemstones in our Malas because we believe in their potent healing properties, and sharing them with you has become a sort of great joy and life purpose for us.

Manipura Malas are mostly made of 108 carefully selected beads of quality semi-precious gemstones and healing crystals, hand knotted in a circular form, and grounded by a ‘guru bead’, or a pendant, and singed with a silk tassel.