Wholesale Opportunities

Planet Earth is our Marketplace.

We are always open for collaborations in every country on this beautiful planet. Since our gemstones were made by Earth, Earth is our true playground. If you like what we do and own for example a yoga school, a shop, or a boutique, we would love to hear from you and let you know about our attractive wholesale opportunities. 

We offer our partners working conditions that are flexible and supportive. We will help you where possible with presentation materials such as Mala or bracelet racks, images, flyers and other materials that will make your environment shine, help your clients interact with our Malas, while making our Malas feel at home.

manipura malas at Saktiisha YogaManipura malas at Yogafest Amsterdammanipura malas absolute yoga amsterdam

Manipura in Shops and Boutiques

You can find our Malas in shops from Yoga focused on clothing based as well as fashion or jewelry boutiques. We have been featured by Lululemon (Amsterdam), as well as many other shops and boutiques. 

manipura malas yogasway hilversum boutiquemala shop window yogaswaymanipura malas yogaloft hilversum

Manipura in Festivals and Fairs

Our Malas love being out there in festivals and fairs. We have been doing it ourselves for a while and would love to meet merchant partners who would like to take them along with them on their festival tours.  

manipura malas yoga festival manipura malas at yoga festival terschelling