Amethyst Water Bottle - Crystal Infused Water Bottle

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Amethyst Water Bottle

Get an endless power bank of energy, wellness, and true beauty with our best-selling Amethyst Water bottle. Our Amethyst Water Bottle contains a certified genuine Amethyst Crystal to infuse and recharge your drinking water. Turn your water into a real Amethyst Crystal Elixir and start cleansing, recharging, and reviving yourself from inside out. 

For Calm - Serenity - Balance - Inner Peace 
Amethyst is a stone of a higher perspective - of true wisdom, insight, and spirituality. This is why it is also a calming stone - ideal for meditation and promoting serenity. The benefits of the amethyst water bottle also include helping to balance our hearts and minds because it connects us to that which is higher than both - pure and divine consciousness. It Promotes emotional balance and mental clarity so it will be helpful to a busy mind or a turbulent heart. An Amethyst drink bottle is therefore ideal for healing and wellness. 

Shop now the original rock your water amethyst water bottle from Manipura!

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Certified Natural Crystals
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    The Original Product - Highest Quality Natural Materials

    The only bottle with Certified Genuine Natural Crystals!
    Stainless steel Cap and Base - removable for cleaning
    High Borosilicate Glass 100% BPA Free, Lead-Free; Hard; Clear; Temp-Resistant, and Dishwater safe.  
    All spare parts are available on our store for long life and maintenance. 

    Glass Volume: 550ml / 18oz approx depending on stone size
    Crystal Size: 2-2,5cm wide | 8-10cm high
    Our Crystals are natural, so they may vary in shape, shade, size, and/or color. 

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