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Handmade Citrine Gemstone Ring

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The sun on your finger. This happy, joyful, and generous gemstone has the power to impart joy to all who behold it. Carrying the power of the sun, its a great cleanser and energiser on every level of life. It has the ability to cleanse the chakras, especially the solar plexus and navel chakras.

Citrine is also highly protective. It is one of the crystals that never needs cleansing as it absorbs and grounds negative energy. It is also Referred to as the stone of abundance - teaches how to manifest and attract wealth and prosperity 

We handpicked 10 perfectly cut gemstones in Bali this year, and designed the ring so its gently embraces the stone and allow the bottom tip of the stone to kiss the finger skin.

Handmade in Bali with Sterling Silver.

Note: we use only natural gemstones, each with it's unique markings and shades, so each item is unique, and therefore, may vary slightly from the picture.

Category: Citrien, Healing & Expression, ring, Silver

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Feeling the Difference

Each item we make is handmade with great attention to detail and is built to last. Since mother Earth is the only real maker we know, we use only natural gemstones. You will feel it the second you touch it.