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Meaningful. Conscious. Extraordinary.

Manipura is a true family brand born in Amsterdam in 2015 as a collaboration of love between Mala Maker Tati Hacmon and her partner in life - Yoga Teacher Asaf Hacmon. Our passion for making extraordinary Malas from Earth's Gemstones inspire us to design meaningful, environmentally-conscious products that inspire the heart and spark a positive change in people’s lives. 

Our Mission

For us it's all about intention, awareness, and authenticity so we create our jewelry by hand in traditional techniques. We handpick only high-grade, natural, semi-precious gemstones from places like Bali, Brazil, India, or Africa, placing great emphasis on Eco-Friendliness, Fair Trade, and Sustainable Harvesting. We are totally in love with what we do and believe in the power of Earth to heal and manifest our heart’s wishes. 

We wish to help people learn about Gems and their healing powers so we designed our site to help you find items that match your intention and life story. 


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Do you know

What Manipura Means? 

Manipura means ‘City of Gems’ in the Sanskrit language. It is also the name of 3rd chakra in the human body (Solar Plexus) and it is close to our hearts because it deals with self-discovery, authentic expression, and living your life's purpose. 



We plant a Tree with every order!
We owe everything to the Earth we live in so we are committed to giving back to it by supporting incredible Non-Profit Organisations such as The Ocean Cleanup, The Perfect World Foundation and Regreener.

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