Helping Climate Change by Reforestation

Our planet is heating up as Carbon emissions are rising. The carbon ‘footprint’ of individuals, companies and governments is hurting our planet, approaching a 2°C degree-rise tipping point. The consequences are huge: Extreme weather conditions, floods and damages to lives and homes, 25% animal species extinction threat from loss of habitat; and ultimately - a planet that becomes inhabitable.

Manipura Regreener climate change help by planting trees with each order

How we help

The answer is reforestation. Trees emit Oxygen and reduce CO2 emissions. Trees provide habitat for many animal species, and help combat greenhouse gases that hurt our atmosphere.

Manipura has partnered with Regreener which is a Dutch company focusing on combatting climate change by realizing green impact. Regreener makes it possible for individuals and businesses to have a positive impact on our planet, by supporting green projects. Transparency is at the core of it all: 75% of Regreener's revenue goes to green projects, and contributors can monitor their impact and thereby inspire others to help too.

    Regreener’s projects have been carefully selected based on three criteria

    • a proven track record in CO2-sequestration
    • a positive impact on biodiversity 
    • creating jobs for local communities.
    Manipura Climate Change reforestation in Africa

      When shopping at Manipura, your trees will be planted in the Copperbelt province in Zambia. Zambia’s Copperbelt is a deforestation hotspot. Land degradation and soil erosion have become widespread and result primarily from the increasing population and the pressure it places on land through poor agricultural practices and other social- economic activities such as charcoal production.

      All supported projects can be found on Regreener website.

      On the company profile, you can easily track the impact that Manipura has realized so far! We look forward to making green impact together!

      Thank you for your support.

      Tati & Asaf


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