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    Gemstone Mala beads Necklaces Collection - Handmade to Inspire by Manipura Malas Amsterdam

    Handmade Mala beads Necklaces by Manipura

    Can you feel the energy of our unique Mala Beads Necklaces? We handmade all of our Mala necklaces in Amsterdam with love, attention to detail, and great joy. Our authentic gemstone Mala beads are made out of the highest quality natural gemstones. From our large and growing selection of Mala bead necklaces, you can find many different Malas that may suit your style and special needs. Our handmade Mala Necklaces are both trendy and chic accessories that are designed for everyday wear. All of our Malas are made from different types of gemstones that have different powers and qualities, making each of them extremely special. We use a blend of different Mala beads that compliment each other both aesthetically and meaningfully. This is why our Mala Beads Necklaces make a wonderfully meaningful gift for your loved ones.

    What are Mala Beads Necklaces?

    Traditional Malas consist of 108 beads. They commonly end with a guru bead and a tassel. Mala beads Necklaces originated as prayer beads in Ancient cultures such as Tibetan Buddhism, but are today used in non-religious ways, such as in yoga and meditation practices. Malas are used as powerful objects due to their ability to hold an energetic charge that will help you reach the desired state. 

    How to use Gemstone Mala Beads Necklaces?

    Mala beads are commonly used in yoga and meditation, but they can be used in everyday-wear as a powerful accessory. Wear a Mala Necklace around your neck or wrap it around your wrist as a chic and meaningful accessory. A simple way to use Mala Beads Necklaces in yoga or meditation is to hold them in one hand so that you can move the beads easily through your fingers. Take a deep breath and after exhaling, move your finger to the next bead. Repeat and complete all 108 beads (and breaths) and finish at the guru bead.

    How to choose your Gemstone Mala Necklace?

    From our wide selection, you can find many Mala Necklaces that have different meanings and powers. Find a Mala that speaks to you and addresses the points that you want to focus on. For example, our Feminine Radiance Mala is perfect for evoking your feminine essence with a warm blend of Red Garnet, Smokey Quartz, Rose Quartz, and Rhodonite. For a confidence boost, have a look at our Sunshine Gemstone Mala. It is made out of Jade and Jasper beads, ending with a Citrine guru bead for ultimate power and intent. This Mala Necklace boosts the stamina of the wearer. If you don’t find a Mala that fits your needs from our large selection, we are happy to make you a custom-made mala to fit your needs and wants.

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