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Gemstone Bracelets

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    Beaded Gemstone bracelets

    Are you looking for unique and meaningful gemstone bracelets? Look no further. Shop here a wide variety of our unique gemstone bracelets. Use authentic and natural crystal bracelets to heal your mind, body, and soul. Gemstones and crystals are powerful elements with unique healing powers that have been used for centuries. The real gemstone bracelets are not only powerful and meaningful but also a trendy and chic accessory to wear daily.

    Our real and authentic gemstone bracelets come in many different styles and colors. Wear gemstone bracelets individually, or stack them to create a unique look with different colors of gemstone bracelets. Our authentic gemstone bracelets are made out of 100% natural gemstone beads, that come in many beautiful colors in different sizes to ensure that you will find one that fits your wrist perfectly. 

    How to choose the right gemstone bracelet?

    Pick the right gemstone for you that will support you on your journey. We recommend getting to know different gemstones and then picking one that speaks to you and addresses your needs for maximum healing properties. Like in our mala bead necklaces, we offer mala bead bracelets made out of a mix of different gemstone beads that complement each other. Our popular Strength and Confidence Gemstone Bracelet is made out of Labradorite, Larvikite, and Black Onyx gemstones. Together this gemstone bracelet promotes confidence, wisdom, and strength. 

    We also offer bracelets that are made out of only one gemstone, that are ideal to wear individually, or stack with other gemstone bracelets. These bracelets are adjustable to fit any size of wrist. Choose from many different popular gemstones such as calming amethyst or radiant and gorgeous White-Blue Opal gemstone.

    Which hand should you wear gemstone and crystal bracelets?

    Traditionally, mala beads are always worn on the right hand wrapped around your wrist like a bracelet. However, you should wear your crystal and gemstone bracelets on your left hand, since it is the receptive hand. The left side of your body is the side that deals with the internal self. Therefore, if you want to make internal switches in you, make sure that you wear your crystal and gemstone bracelets on your left hand.

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