Natural Crystals & Gemstones

Natural Crystals & Gemstones


    Natural Crystals & Gemstones 

    Natural crystals and gemstones have a long history of being used for protection, inspiration, and health by our ancestors. They are believed to have unique healing properties that can be very powerful. Crystals and gemstones are still loved and used by many today for the same reasons. At Manipura we handpick only genuine natural crystals and gemstones of high-quality and unique cuts. In our store, you can find many different loose crystals and gemstones for sale for affordable prices. Pick the right gemstone that will inspire and support you on your journey from our large selection. 

    What are the benefits of healing crystals?

    There are many benefits of healing crystals. Different natural crystals and gemstones have different healing energies. Therefore, it is important to pick a crystal that will help and support your special needs. For example, natural Rose Quartz crystal is ideal for opening up our hearts for love and healing. Like all Quartz gemstones, Rose Quartz Crystals may help you to think more positively, and help to calm down negative thinking and encourage self-love. Amethyst Crystal, for example, is known to promote calmness and is great against stress and anxiety. Amethyst is also believed to boost the immune system. If you need help selecting a gemstone that is right for you or would like to know more about the healing powers of crystals and gemstones, read our Easy guide to gemstones and crystals

    How to use crystals and gemstones?

    There is no one right way to use healing crystals and gemstones as they can be used on many different occasions. For example, Crystals can be used as an aid in meditation, making it more effective. Crystals release powerful healing energy that help to clear our home, our minds, and bodies. They assist us in giving space for our more truthful inner voice to be found. Our gemstone jewelry contains many genuine natural gemstones and crystals making it so easy to get most of their benefits, but you can also just toss a loose gemstone in your purse or pocket, and use it as a touchstone on the go when you need it throughout the day. 

    Crystals and Gemstones for sale 

    You can find many different crystals and gemstones in different shapes and sizes for sale on this page. We also offer sets of crystals so you can keep one always on hand wherever you go. When you place your order, our staff handpicks a crystal for you keeping your name in mind. Each crystal is unique therefore, the size and color might vary a bit. 

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