Red is Passion Gemstone Mala - Handmade with 108 Mala Beads by Manipura
Red is Passion Gemstone Mala - Handmade with 108 Mala Beads by Manipura
Red is Passion Gemstone Mala - Handmade with 108 Mala Beads by Manipura
Red is Passion Gemstone Mala - Handmade with 108 Mala Beads by Manipura
Red is Passion Gemstone Mala

Red is Passion Gemstone Mala

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Dive into a realm where love, passion, and femininity intertwine in the enchanting embrace of our Red Embrace Mala. Red, the quintessential color of life's fervor, beats through our veins like a symphony of passion.

Picture the warmth and vitality of this primal hue as we weave together the delicate beauty of Red Coral with the deep allure of Dark Red Garnet beads, sprinkled with the playful charm of colorful Tibetan beads. This isn't just a Mala; it's a love letter to life's most vibrant moments.

The dance of Red Coral and Dark Red Garnet, each bead a whisper of passion, creates a tapestry that captures the very essence of the color red. Intertwined with these radiant gems are subtle 6mm beads, strategically placed to add a touch of femininity and complexity to this exquisite creation.

At the zenith of this passionate journey rests the Red Coral guru bead, a focal point radiating the raw energy of love and life. The Mala concludes with a captivating primary Red Tassel, a flourish that mirrors the vivacity and dynamism of red in its purest form. Most beads, a harmonious blend of 8mm gems, dance with the occasional 6mm beads, creating a nuanced tapestry that mirrors the complexity of feminine strength.

Adorn yourself with the Red Embrace Mala, stepping into the magnetic embrace of red – a color that pulsates with life's vitality, the passion of love, and the resilience of femininity. Make a bold, passionate statement with this masterpiece, and let the rich symphony of red be a powerful expression of your innermost desires and passions.

Note: We use only natural gemstones beads, each with unique markings and shades, so each item is unique and therefore may vary slightly from the picture.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Manon Buccafurno
Passion and Power

In LOVE with This mala!!!! Powerful!!! You can feel it’s made with love and respect and it was specially delivered thanks Tati!!!

Andrea Comyn Fonceca
Life is passion

The item is excellent with wisdom, energy and high frequency. I know my friend loves it. It’s art that has power, spirit and beauty. I will be purchasing more items.


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