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"Meaningful. Conscious. Extraordinary."

Manipura is a true family brand born in Amsterdam in 2015 as a collaboration of love between Mala Maker Tati Hacmon and her partner in life - Yoga Teacher Asaf Hacmon. Our passion for making extraordinary Malas from Earth's Gemstones kept pushing us to design meaningful, environmentally-conscious products that inspire the heart and spark a positive change in people’s lives. 

Our Mission

For us its all about intention, awareness, and authenticity so we create our jewelry by hand in traditional techniques. We handpick only high-grade, natural, semi-precious gemstones from places like Bali, Brazil, India, or Africa, placing great emphasis on Eco-Friendliness, Fair Trade, and Sustainable Harvesting. We are totally in love with what we do and believe in the power of Earth to heal and manifest our heart’s wishes. 

Welcome to our story

Happy to connect with yours

Our handmade products are made as meaningful life companions. By blending quality gemstones with their unique natural qualities, they are able to tell a special story - your story.    


What does Manipura Mean?  

Giving back to the Planet

Manipura supports the Ocean Cleanup and Save The Ocean Foundation

Live Soulfully



There are many beautiful Malas out there but what I like about Manipura Malas is the personal touch - the thought that is behind each and every one of them. It shines through, both in beauty and energy.

Galit Hahn
Galit Hahn, Nutrition Guru & Published Author

With my Mala on me I feel protected and calm. It's beautiful gemstones radiate peace and serenity. It was made by Tati out of pure love and understanding of who I am. I feel as if this Mala defines my spirit every day.

Julija Hartig and her Violin
Julia Hartig, First Violin Radio Philharmonic Orchestra

Manipura In the Media

We have been so fortunate to feature
in so many local and international
publications over the past years. We are
very proud and ever so grateful.   

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