Power of Goddess Kali Gemstone Mala

The inspiring and powerful Goddess Kali has many myths associated with her, and she appears in many forms ranging from the erotic to the horrific. As a personification of Time itself, She sweeps away all that is old to make way for the new growth. Dancing on the body of Her lover, Shiva, Kali is an 

unstoppable force by the powers of love and devotion.

Kali's wild dance is frozen in a moment of Time and turned into this lovely pendant by Oberon Zell. This powerful mala can be worn by women who would like to connect with their inner goddess, to conquer fear and embrace their natural feminine powers. 

Note: We use only natural gemstones beads, each with unique markings and shades, so each item is unique and therefore may vary slightly from the picture.

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Feeling the Difference

Each item we make is handmade with great attention to detail and is built to last. Since mother Earth is the only real maker we know, we use only natural gemstones. You will feel it the second you touch it.