Since 2015 we Handmake, in Amsterdam, gorgeous and meaningful Boho Gemstone Jewelry, such as Malas, Bracelets and Rings. We are totally in love with what we do and committed to keep making inspirational products that can spark a deep and positive change in people’s lives. We believe in the power of Earth’s gemstones to inspire, empower and manifest our heart’s wishes.

For us its all about intention, awareness, and authenticity so we create everything by hand in traditional techniques. We handpick only high-grade, natural, semi-precious gemstones from places like Bali, Brazil, India, or Africa, placing great emphasis on Fair Trade and Sustainable Harvesting.     

Our name, Manipura means ‘City of Gems’ in Sanskrit language. It's the name of 3rd chakra in the human body (Solar Plexus) and we love it because it deals with self-discovery, authentic expression, and life purpose. 


Press coverage
"Manipura Mala was created by Tati, who had a love for mala's and wanted to learn how to make them herself. The name Manipura came from the Sanskrit word for the third chakra or Solar Plexus."
Handmade With Love: Magic Mala's From Manipura
Helen Turner Health Blog
"Created in the Earth in a process of mineralization, high pressure, and time, Gemstones hold within them energies and qualities that relate to us humans, who are made of the same Earth"
Beads of Joy / by Tati Hacmon
Yoga International Magazine
"Let you inner light shine with this handmade Mala and Bracelet created with love by Mala Maker Tati Hacmon"
Product Feature: Inner Sun Mala by Manipura
Yoga Magazine
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