How to Take Care of your Gemstones and Crystals?

How to care for gemstones and crystals

You may know already that gemstones and crystals are very old and carry unique energy within them - a certain frequency that can bring about positive change and even healing to your life. But is there anything you can do to support your stones? Does the way we treat them affects their energy? Here is what you need to know about giving back to your stones. 

Gemstones & Crystals are Alive

The first step to taking care of your gemstones and crystals is to see them and treat them like living beings. As if they have feelings and as if they could talk. Much like some do with plants, ask them how they feel and try thanking them once in a while for being around you. Keep them clean and clear on a physical level and place them anywhere with care and respect.

Here are some traditional ways to further support them further. Notice how most of them revolve around bringing them in touch with other sources of energy.

Bury your Stones in Sea Salt  

Your stoners are minerals and Salt is also a mineral. If it is quality salt from the Sea or the Earth (Himalaya Salt) it still carries purifying energy that your stones would love. Let them sleep overnight covered in salt and be the one waking them up gently in the morning. 

Tap them with a Selenite Wand

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Selenite is a relatively young stone. As such, it is rather soft and inexpensive, however, it has the unique ability to cleanse the energy of other stones. Much like rebooting a computer, when you use a selenite wand to tap onto other stones it is rebooting their 'software'. In the photo: Manipura Selenite Wands 


Moonlight Therapy

The ever-changing yet ever-present moon is the Earth's most loyal old friend. Since the beginning of time, its positive nurturing energy is available to us and to our entire planet. Make a habit to leave your gemstones and crystals once a month on a clear full moon night so that its light touches them and charges them.

The power of Touch

Your hands carry a tremendous amount of energy. As long as we are alive our hands are not only able to sense and receive but also to emit universal energy. Take your stones in your hands. Brush them and touch them with tenderness and care to remove any blockages that might have attached to them. In the photo: Set of Clear Crystal wands 

hands holding crystals

Cold Water Shower Boost

Just like we do, most crystals get refreshed and boosted by the power of the Water, and in particular cold running water. If you happen to live by a running river lay them down safely in the stream. Otherwise, try to shower them under the running tap.

Smoking them out

photo of sage and palo santo beside a rose quartz crystalFor those of us who work with stones in any sort of healing practice, its a great idea to smoke your stones with Palo Santo or Desert Sage, before and after working with them. Both of these are great to remove any energy they might have collected during the previous healing sessions. 

In the photo: Palo Santo and Desert Sage beside a Rose Quartz Crystal wand

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