The Power of Crystals in Your Home

More people have become more open to using crystals in their meditation and yoga routines and in their homes to ward off negative energy. Crystal takes thousands to millions of years to form; that's why they contain so much energy. But even though they carry such energy crystals don't do magic. They are amazing tools to magnify your own energy and intentions, helping you to manifest them in life. 

The Power of Crystals in Your Home

For years, people have placed crystals in their homes to ward off negative energy, improve sleep, encourage prosperity, and create harmony. Placing crystals in your home will help you maintain positive energy in your sacred space, where you unwind at the end of every tedious day. If you're getting into crystals and crystal healing, it can be a little overwhelming. Read on for us to guide you on this journey. 

What are crystals 

Crystals are an end product of minerals bonding together in a specific pattern which determines the type of crystals you get and not the outer appearance. Crystals contain the earth's DNA in their structure. Crystal healing involves placing gemstones on your body or in your surrounding environment to help draw out negative energy. Crystals work with your energy field to absorb, focus, and direct energies. 

Some crystals and their appropriate placement in your house.

It can be difficult to determine where to place crystals in your home. But here we'll explain the properties of the crystals and where they would be most suitable. But otherwise, you can place it wherever you feel content.


Selenite is a wonderful stone to place in your living room. Selenites help to purify and cleanse air energetically. You can place it on your coffee table, windowsill, or dining table so it can pick up light and shine its sparkle on the entire room.

The Power of Crystals in Your Home

Black tourmaline 

You can place this crystal in the main corners of your property or the corners of your room. It protects against all forms of EMFs, negative energy, and geopathic stress. When arranging these crystals, ensure you state your intention to activate them. 

Rose quartz

Rose Quartz is best placed in your bedroom. It brings about a kind atmosphere. The vibration that this crystal emits is that of calmness and soothing love. It's also great to put in your child's room because it helps encourage rest and sweet dreams. 


Amber is a good crystal to place in your living room. The crystal offers you protection and courage. You can place it on your coffee table as it will help you sit back and relax.


This crystal is good for your living room area. It brings in a vibration of uplift and positivity. Apophyllite is also good for your health as it helps with memory loss, asthma, and allergies. It's also good for mindfulness practice because it helps clear a path from thoughts, encouraging concentration when you are practicing.


Shungite is good for your desk or somewhere near your charging outlets. This crystal is great in purifying your space of EMFs because our homes are full of smartphones and other electrical devices that bring in these energies. If you have an office in your home, this crystal will be an instrumental one in neutralizing those energies.


You can place Aventurine in your office or desk. This crystal promotes peace, mental powers, money, and good fortune. The crystal is good for career enhancement, so you can use positive career intentions on your crystal to help magnify your career manifestations. You can use this crystal in your kitchen. It helps transform food into love portions. If you're skeptical or fearful of mixing up spices in your meals, Aventurine will help you make tasteful meals. 

Clear quartz

Clear Quartz is best used in the kitchen. It helps restore order and filter negativity by removing toxins from your food. Since the kitchen is where we build our bodies, a high chakra gemstone like this would be perfect for cleansing your food. 

The Power of Crystals in Your Home


Jade can be used in the kitchen. This stone contains pure kindness. When used in the kitchen, it can activate the heart chakra energy. You can place it over your kitchen counter in a dream catcher. 


In the kitchen, Amethyst can help detoxify food. It is known for activating the crown chakra. It can rekindle good health by ridding food of toxins.

How to cleanse and activate your crystals

After purchasing a new crystal or stone, it is important to cleanse its energy by simply dipping it in saltwater. Some crystals are not advised to dip in water such as Black Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, and Shungite. 

Some crystals can be damaged by water. You can cleanse such crystals by exposure to the full moonlight, take the crystal indoors a few hours past sunrise. Another way to cleanse stone and crystals is by immersing them in Palo Santo smoke. Cleansing up your crystals once a month is a great goal as it constantly soaks up energy. 

Keep in mind that some crystals like citrine don't require cleansing. 
After you have cleansed your crystal, infuse your intention into the crystal to activate it. You can do this by holding it in your palms and taking deep breaths while focusing on positive thoughts and feelings. Go to your happy place. 

After you've arrived in that positive mental space, say your intentions aloud to activate your crystal. When making an intention, be as specific with your wording as possible. Repeat your intentions out loud a few times, then finish up with gratitude. 

Remember to always reactivate your crystal with intentions every time after cleansing. 

Last words

If you're looking into ways to up your spiritual game or make your home a safe and protected haven, crystals are the way to go. All the above are simple ways to use crystals in your home environment to ensure abundant positive energy. 

Always make sure you clean up your crystals after purchase and, if possible, every month. Each time you cleanse them, refill them with your intentions. Always be patient and keep your thoughts positive to help manifest those intentions you've set quickly. Don't rush the universe and have faith.