How to choose your Mala?

How to choose a mala beads Necklace? Blog post by Manipura Malas

Choosing the Mala that is the perfect match for you, is fun! It is a bit like finding your dream house where every room, every wall and every bit of furniture has to be just right. The perfect mala looks beautiful around your neck and consists of meaningful gemstones that support your unique life path. Our goal at Manipura is te support you in finding meaningful soulful jewelry that supports you on every level. That is why In this article, we will help you on the way to find your Soul-Mala!

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Find Gemstones that resonate with you

When choosing a mala, it is a good start to know which crystals and gemstones you connect to. Being attracted to a particular gemstone on a visual level is often a promising sign. This tells us that, on an unconscious level, there is a meaningful match. Loving the look of a gemstone is also very important because of aesthetic reasons but It has to be just right on every level.

An overview of different gemstones often used in Gemstone Malas.

How to choose a mala beads necklace?

It is also a good idea to take note of the deeper qualities that gemstones possess. Gemstones and Crystals are unique pieces of earth. Because they are charged with its Energy they can help us on many levels. They can provide us with protection, stability, power, love, courage, creativity, clarity and much more.

All these qualities are closely related to our seven Chakras. Another way to decide which stones you really need is to figure out which of your chakras, at this point in time, needs a bit of extra support. Once you know which part of your life can use a crystal friend, you can start assembling your mala!

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Our collections of Mala and other Jewelry at Manipura Mala

Now that you know which gemstones are perfect for you on every level, it is time to start choosing your mala. Here at Manipura, we try to make your life easier. That is why we have divided our jewelry into different inspirations. Whether you are looking for emotional balance, love, or wisdom, we have made different selections of gemstone Malas that help support your unique path.

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A mala can be as unique as your personal pattern of preferences and wishes. If you are looking for something that supports you exactly as you want, you can always reach out to us. If you want a custom made mala, please reach out to us!

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