How to use Gemstones, Malas, and Crystals in Full Moons Rituals?

Full moon rituals and how to use gemstones, crystals and malas
The full moon time is a beautiful time of the month to perform any kind of ritual. Think of it as a special time where an entire planet is your witness offering its blessing. In this post, we gathered for you stuff you need to know about full moon rituals and how to use your Gemstones, Crystals, and Malas, to make the most of it.

What is the Full-Moon Phase of the month all about?

As human beings, we go through phases, just as the moon does. The appearance of the full moon symbolizes an auspicious time of the month. Cosmically, it is the time of the month where energy peaks just before releasing again. As the full moon peaks in energy, it is a perfect time to prepare for letting go and tuning in with our hearts. The full moon is considered the most powerful of the lunar phases. It is a great time to embrace the lunar energy at its peak, especially when using crystals and gemstones that act as a powerful storage device for this energy.  
New Moon Dream Catcher Handmade to Inspire in Bali

What is a Full-Moon Ritual and why we do it?

Since ancient times, crystals have been used to store energy, and that includes of course the powerful Lunar energy of the moon. A full moon ritual is a simple ceremony performed during a full moon evening. During your ritual, we tap into peak lunar powers to help us recharge our spiritual and emotional batteries and at the same time let go of old cycles and existing energy we have been carrying. It is a healing ritual that helps to bring soothing, refreshing, and purposeful energy into our lives. A Full Moon Ritual should be fun, a point of reflection, and a setting of intentions. It's time to cleanse and recharge. Full Moon rituals could be performed alone or with friends.
Hands holding crystals

Which Crystals to use during Full-Moon Rituals?

The best crystals to use for a Full and New Moon Rituals are Labradorite, Selenite, Clear Quartz, and of course - Moonstone. They all connect very well to lunar energy and can help with completing old cycles and letting go of any negative energy that is holding us back. These gemstones can also help to channel clear intentions, and manifest wishes and dreams. For women, in particular, Moonstone is especially useful during full moon rituals as It helps to harness Lunar energy and aligns with the Divine Feminine. Moonstone is believed to help women explore natural feminine gifts of empathy, intuition, and sixth sense. This is also why Moonstone is famous for helping us trust our own intuition. 
Lady wearing a moonstone gemstone mala handmade by Manipura

How to perform a Full-Moon Ritual?

Create a sacred space by placing your gemstones, crystals, and/or gemstone Mala in a spacious and clean part of your house. You can rinse your crystals in water beforehand. It is best to use a natural source of water, but be aware, however, that some crystals do not like water. You can build an altar for yourself to sit in front of and accompany your crystals with written intentions you have. Simply write down what you want to let go of, and what you wish to be filled with. Be specific and yet clear and concise.  

Sit quietly, comfortably, and peacefully. Eyes either open or close. Let the thoughts that come up pass by. You can wear your gemstone Mala or hold it in your hands and passing your fingers over the beads slowly as if to help with the circulation of thoughts, emotions, and energy in the room and within your body. Be attentive so you can feel at one point that the ritual is coming to an end. You might feel at some point a bit lighter if you have managed to let go of something old. You may feel at some point recharged by fresh energy. But you could also feel nothing in particular. It is totally normal but be calm and remember that symbolically something has shifted. The ritual has been recorded by our subconscious mind. When you choose to end your ritual, leave the crystals, or Mala, to bathe in the moonlight overnight so they keep charging with the lunar energy.