What are the healing powers of Labradorite Gemstone?

Healing powers of Labradorite Gemstone

You may know already that gemstones are not only beautiful but have specific qualities attributed to them. Each gemstone has different healing powers evoking positive energy within us. Labradorite gemstones are no different but what is unique about Labradorite? What are its healing properties and how can you use your Labradorite jewelry? Here's all you need to know. 

What is Labradorite, where does it come from and what are its colors?

Labradorite is part of the Feldspar family. The gemstone cherished for its splash in color, known as Labradorescence. Usually, Labradorite is found in dark grey colors, black, or dark green. It is common to find Labradorite stones with touches of peacock blue, gold, coppery red, or even lighter green. More rare varieties of Labradorite come with flashes of golden color. The stone can be found in Canada, Russia, Madagascar, and Finland.  

Labradorite Gemstone glowing

What are the healing powers of Labradorite Gemstone?

Labradorite is a beautiful gemstone associated with the qualities of joy and adventurous energy. It is great for travel, whether a physical adventure or a journey towards self-discovery. Labradorite provides protection along the way for those seeking guidance and knowledge and helps us with focussed attention and courtesy. It enhances our intuitive ability to find our path on a physical level. Labradorite also helps with respiratory problems and issues with the lungs. 
Lady wearing a Silver necklace with a labradorite stone by Manipura

When to use jewelry with Labradorite Gemstones?

Labradorite is the perfect gemstone to wear or bring with you when going on a journey. Labradorite inspires the heart and gives ease in moving around. As Labradorite often comes with blue shades, it is associated with our Throat Chakra and the color blue. Therefore, It can help to wear or bring with you a Labradorite gemstone when you have to speak publicly or when you are presenting yourself to an audience.
As it is linked to the Throat Chakra, Labradorite can help to place the stone on this chakra or on the lungs when experiencing any physical ailments there. In winter, Labradorite is the most useful gemstone when we feel ill or get a cold. The color dark blue that Labradorite is often found in, is also associated with the beginning of new cycles, like winter turning into spring. Labradorite can be used in meditation to focus on new beginnings, transcending thoughts of the past into a fresh future, and focusing on trust along the way in our lives.