Silver Hamsa Gemstone Mala with 108 Brushed Kiwi Jasper Beads

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Anti Stress Gemstone Mala Beads.

In this unique Brushed Gemstone Mala, we used natural Kiwi Jasper beads with touches of Sterling Silver beads. Kiwi Jasper is known for its soothing, Anti Stress Qualities, and as such, it promotes emotional balance. Unlike any other gemstone we know, Kiwi Jasper has a very unique texture in the hand and as such could be tremendous for Japa meditation. 

The Hamsa Symbol represents Protection from negative energy as well as good fortune.  White shade Gemstones, in general, are associated with Healing, Cleansing, Protection, Hope, Wholeness, Unity, and Inspiration. 

We recommend this Mala for anyone whose practice focuses on Protection, Healing, and Manifesting wishes. It is a great Japa meditation tool and, of course, perfect for anyone who connects to the Hamsa Symbol.    

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