Simple Guide to the First / Root Chakra - the best gemstones & crystals to balance it

Simple Guide to the First / Root Chakra - the best gemstones & crystals to balance it

The First/ Root Chakra governs our primal needs to survive, to be safe, and to belong. To survive we need food, shelter, and protection from danger. It is difficult for us to live a balanced and happy life when these basic needs are not taken care off. We need to feel connected to the Earth by being an integral part of it. These primal energies are centred in our Root Chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit). Here is what you should know about it!

For an overview of the 7 chakras, their qualities and relevant gemstones and crystals read our Introduction to the seven chakras and their gemstones.

What is The First / Root Chakra and how it affects us

The Root chakra locates at the base of our spine, just below the tailbone. It is all about security, safety and a sense of belonging. In simple words - Grounding.  It takes care of our primal needs, physically, mentally and emotionally. Only after this happens, we have a solid foundation to evolve as human beings. Just like plants; first the roots arise, then the stem grows, the leaves, and finally, flowers appear. In other words; without a proper foundation of safety and belonging, it is difficult to speak of happiness and fulfilment on higher levels.

How do we plant our Roots firmly?

We have to plant our roots firmly to feel connected to the Earth. When we do this, we feel safe and at home, wherever we are. This may mean that we feel healthy and energetic even if we experience hard times once in a while. Therefore, when our Root Chakra opens, we tend to have the self-esteem and trust in our personal path because we feel connected or part of a bigger whole - the planet. Whatever challenge life throws our way, we are able to handle it from a grounded sense that all will be alright in the end.

Deep down we always know that we are connected and protected. Such trust eases the primal anxiety we all share as human beings. Working on this basic level is the same as preparing the soil in our garden, for instance. Once it is fertile and moist, we can start sowing some seeds knowing that they will grow well.

Grounding Gemstone Mala for the Root Chakra from our Grounding collection
How do the energies in our first chakra get imbalanced?

The first/ Root Chakra can be imbalanced on various levels. Physically, it can be due to some real state of danger. As a result, most of our energy directs itself to the need to survive. It wants us to just find food or a safe place to sleep. Severe Illness or chronic pain may also challenge our sense of physical safety.

On the Emotional side, the root chakra relates to a sense of belonging we all crave. Our basic sense of being part of the world (family, country, humanity, etc.) and have the right to exist in it. Even if we are not in any real physical danger our Root Chakra can get out of balance because our minds (thoughts) may experience danger. Psychology teaches us that If we have not experienced a safe and loving environment as children, our minds may project this sense of basic insecurity onto our present lives and situations. In this case, our primal energies block the Root Chakra. This will lead us to various degrees of depression, anxiety, fear, and sometimes physical conditions of the pelvic area. 

How to balance the primal energies in our root chakra?

Planet Earth is the biggest source of grounded healing energy we have. Also, our human bodies consist of Earth. Within that body, the Root Chakra is our primary connection to the planet. It allows us to recharge with Earth's power and dispose of what we do not need. However, this connection is compromised when the energy in our Root Chakra is blocked. To restore balance, we need to reconnect to Earth on every level. It has to do with the process of grounding. But how to come back to the most basic dialogue between our bodies and the planet?

We just have to trust that the planet will always give us what we need, on every level. We recognize we are safe and taken care off, that we belong, always and everywhere. Such recognition can create faith that will reconnect our roots to the planet.  Here we begin to tap into the healing and fresh flow of endless energy.

How to balance the first/root chakra

Can Gemstones & Crystals support the First / Root Chakra? 

Gemstones and crystals are stunning pieces of our planet, formed within high-pressure fields in the womb of Mother Earth. Just like babies, they carry within them the qualities of their mother. You could look at a crystal as an Earthly microcosmos. Thus, carrying or wearing a gemstone on you will ensure that you are always connected to the loving healing energy of Mother Earth.

 Grounding Gemstone Mala for the Root Chakra from our Grounding collection

What Gemstones & Crystals are best to balance the  Root Chakra?

So how do you know which stone to choose to balance the root chakra? Just like our body has different energy points, so does the Earth produces different gemstones. Because we are all part of nature, there is a logical connection between certain crystals and certain chakras. Just like the flowers and the bees are two entities that are bound to each other's qualities.

For example, the energy of the Root Chakra is connected to the bloodstone, Tiger’s Eye, Hematite, Agate, Lava, Garnet, and Onyx. These gemstones and crystals could help to balance our First / Root Chakra and restore our connection to the Earth. In simple words - to ground us. 

To find meaningful handmade jewellery designed for the first chakra view our Grounding & Protection Inspiration Collection.  

Here at Manipura, we recognize that each of our chakras is in need of an Earthly friend. Therefore, we carefully design meaningful jewelry from these Gemstones & Crystals to help restore and balance our root energy so that our being in not only supported but forever inspired. 

What Gemstone Malas support the Root Chakra?

Black crystals hold grounding energy and therefore deepen our connection to all things Earthly while being highly protective. They provide a retreat when you need to take a break from the stress of everyday life. These malas all will support your Root Chakra! 

Black Is the New Black Gemstone Mala 
Earth Connection Gemstone Mala
Wild Roots Gemstone Mala
Wild At Heart Gemstone Mala