Simple Guide to the Second / Sacral Chakra and the Best Gemstones & Crystals to Balance it

Simple Guide to the Second / Sacral Chakra and the Best Gemstones & Crystals to Balance it

The Second/ Sacral Chakra is the major energy point in our body that controls our senses and emotions. As children, we begin to know the world through our senses. They tell us which things cause pleasure or pain. Naturally, we start longing for pleasure and avoiding pain by trying to control the things we come in touch with. This dialogue with the world affects much of our sensuality, libido, and passion for anything we do. These energies are located at our Second/ Sacral Chakra (Swadhisthana in Sanskrit). which governs the 'pleasure seeker' inside us. Here is what you should know about it and the way to balance it.

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To find meaningful handmade jewellery designed for the second/sacral chakra view our Emotional Balance Collection. 

What is The Second/ Sacral Chakra and how it affects us?

The Second/ Sacral Chakra is located at the roof of the pelvis, just below the navel. Together with the first chakra, it governs the primal energies of our body. But while the First/ Root Chakra mostly deals with our primal need for survival, the Sacral Chakra is about the body's interaction with the external world. It governs our emotional reaction to its sensations.

When our roots are firmly planted (being physically safe and grounded), we want to experience the world. As we grow, our emotional landscape develops through interaction with the world. The nourishment we receive on this level is not only physical but mostly sensory and emotional. We discover the pleasure in things and develop cravings to the positive sensations that some bring us. Since we are not in control over our sensations or their duration, we begin to develop emotional reactions towards them. We crave pleasant things and fear their unavoidable end. On the other hand, we fear other things and long for their end.

The emotional energy in our Sacral Chakra (which is associated with the Water Element) is forever in motion. It keeps flowing and changing throughout our lives. Like water, our push and pull game with the world is in constant flux and never rest. Our sexuality, creativity, and passions all arise from here. So too most of our addictions and fixations. In many cases, this energy is the silent driving force behind what we do (or avoid) in the world as adults.

Emotional Balancing - Simple Guide to the Sacral Chakra and the gemstones to balance it

How do our emotional energies feel when they are balanced? 

When the Second/Sacral chakra is in balance, we are in a healthy relationship with objects in the external world. We allow ourselves to enjoy what the world brings us without being attached to it. There is no shame or guilt in us just because we allow our emotions and feelings to be. When we manage this, we can let go of pleasure and accept less pleasurable moments. We are emotionally balanced as we feel a capacity to handle a full spectrum of emotions. The push-pull dialogue with the world is not overwhelming.

The more we can accept our emotional spectrum, the more we are able to accept it in others. We begin to recognise ourselves at this stage as sensual and sexual beings with different appetites and urges. From here, we form relationships with others that are pleasurable, non-judgmental, and non-addictive. We let it all come, stay and leave, and we are in peace with that. Just like the Water Element that governs the Sacral Chakra, it's energy needs to stay fluid. It just needs to come and go. This is the first secret to emotional balance.

How do the energies in our Sacral Chakra become imbalanced? 

When we find ourselves too invested with seeking pleasure or avoiding pain, we create a pattern of addiction. We start associating happiness and life with our sensations. We become dependant on objects and begin to see the world and the things in it (people included) as a means to an end.

Rather than allowing sensations and emotions to come and go, we start holding on to some while pushing others away. Since this ultimately leads to more pain, we feel lost, anxious and more addicted. On the other hand, when we become selective of what kind of emotions are allowed and which are not, we may also begin to judge ourselves for it. We push away a natural part of our being. This causes feelings of shame or guilt.

The result is further blockages in our emotional landscape. The natural flow is cut off. We are afraid to express our emotional and physical needs. This ends in insecurity, sudden outbursts of anger, fear or sadness, or emotional detachment.

Physically, blockages in our Sacral Chakra can result in issues with the lower abdomen (stomach/colon) and lower back, kidneys and reproductive organs.

Emotional Balancing - Simple Guide to the Sacral Chakra and the gemstones to balance it

How to balance our Second/ Sacral Chakra?  

Everything in nature moves in cycles. Just like Earth and its seasons, the moon has its cycle and affect the rise and fall of the water on our planet (tides). The fluid emotional and sensual energies of our Sacral Chakra are no different. The more we allow the natural rising of these energies, without pushing them forwards or holding them back, we start to find and accept our natural equilibrium.

This is not only teaching us to recognize and trust the cycles of nature within us, but also to see that we can also bring extra balance to the table. Our emotional nature needs to be acknowledged without being totally absorbed by it. We can observe the sacral energy rising. It is about allowing ourselves to feel our emotional reactions without interfering. When its time we allow them to leave again.

It is like observing our breath without controlling it. It is a meditative practice and can lead to emotional balance and real spiritual growth.

Can Gemstones & Crystals support the Second/ Sacral Chakra?  

Gemstones and crystals are stunning pieces of our planet, formed by high-pressure in the womb of Mother Earth. They carry within them the quality of the earth, as well as the fluid quality associated with water. Their qualities reflect us as beings of the Earth. They can support our energy flow and balance it at the same time. Carrying or wearing the right gemstone can enhance our bodies natural tendencies to find balance. 

Emotional Balancing - Simple Guide to the Sacral Chakra and the gemstones to balance it

What Gemstones & Crystals balance the  Sacral chakra?

Just like our body has different energy points, so does the Earth creates different gemstones. Because we are all part of nature, there is a logical connection between certain crystals and certain chakras. Just like the flowers and the bees are bound to each other's qualities.

The energy of the Sacral Chakra is supported for example by gemstones like Carnelian, Agate, Citrine, Moonstone, Corals and of course Pearls (although not really a stone). These gemstones and crystals help in supporting and balancing our Second Chakra and restore our fluid connection to the cycles of nature. In other words, Gemstone Malas, and other Gemstone Jewellery with these stones can promote a natural state of progression and change and help to make sure we do not become rigid. 

Here at Manipura, we recognize that each of our chakras is in need of an Earthly friend. Therefore, we carefully design meaningful jewellery from Gemstones & Crystals to help balance our emotional energy so it can forever flow, create and adapt. 

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What Gemstone Malas support the Sacral Chakra?

Carnelian, Garnet and Red Coral help to balance our emotional center. Wearing it can help us to bring peace to our Sacral Chakra. The next malas all help to find emotional balance! 

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