Simple Guide to the 6th / Third Eye Chakra - and the right Gemstones and Crystals to Balance it


The Sixth / Third Eye Chakra promotes a clear vision and a serene state of objectivity. When our energy is active in our Third Eye Chakra, we are less overwhelmed by thoughts and emotions. We see the world with less identification and feel more independent of personal desires or ego. The name of the Third Eye Chakra in Sanskrit is Ajna Chakra and here is what you should know about it and its associated gemstones and crystals. 

What is The Third Eye Chakra and how does it affect us?

The Sixth Chakra is referred to as the Third Eye. It is located above the physical eyes on the center of the forehead. The main color of the sixth chakra is dark blue and purple and its the center of our deeper and more direct knowledge of the world: awareness, intuition, and psychic ability. 

We have learned that the lower chakras are associated with specific elements. Their energies are in constant motion of primal needs (earth), emotions (water), ambitions (fire), compassion (air) and creativity (space). The Third Eye Chakra is associated with serenity, wisdom, and clarity because it lets us observe the world of elements and energies without being identified with it. 


What happens when the Third Eye is in Balance?

The Ajna Chakra is often described as an ever-present light that illuminates our whole being. Some relate to this light as the Soul. Others think of it as God or Consciousness. When our sense of self starts to associate with this light we become more balanced. We are spontaneous and insightful because we constantly connect to the wisdom of the subconscious. When it is allowed to move through us the right information 'comes' to us at the right time. However strong and confident our personalities are we realize there is more to us than that and a deeper sense of freedom begins to arise within us.

Our happiness is less dependant on sense gratification. We still value the world but its motion does not affect our wellbeing. Whatever we do, we do because it could benefit others or we simply enjoy it. This serene state of natural wisdom is likely to affect the people around us positively. That is why, when the energies in our Sixth Chakra have reached a balance, we often become teachers or healers. 


What happens when the Third Eye Chakra is imbalanced?

As human beings, we identify with our thoughts and emotions to a point where we become trapped in the drama of our personality. We feel the urge to react to the outside world in the cost of less space to observe our own being. We are often restless and not centered, and when we notice that we tend to try to calm this restlessness by moving further away from our center. 

In more extreme situations, when our Third Eye is completely imbalanced, we may feel hopeless and depressed. Our minds feel dull and we see no way out. We may think we can never be successful or happy as if there is something fundamentally wrong with us. 

Physical symptoms may include headaches (Migraines), blurred vision, blindness, and eyestrain.

How to balance our Third Eye Chakra?

Practices like Meditation and Yoga are great for helping us go out of our thoughts and connect with the calm vibe of reality. They teach us, to leave our emotions, thoughts, and feelings for what they are. We clearly recognize, accept and even love them, but we don't let them tell us who we are.

Other practices such as breathing and chanting can also help us in a similar way. There are as many different doorways towards our ever-present light. The result is the same. When our minds are calmed down through practice, we can reconnect to the natural wisdom and calm energy of our Third Eye.  


Can Gemstones and Crystals support our Third Eye Chakra?

Gemstones and crystals are beautiful pieces of our planet. They form within intense fire and pressure within the Earth. These fluent energies spent years in constant flux before cooling down and crystallizing. When fully formed, they carry within them unique energies. This is the result of all 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space) pushed together into one stunning and unique gemstone crystal. 

The energy of these Gemstones and Crystals can help us to see more clearly. They can support and bring forth our natural wisdom, just like yoga and meditation do. Carrying or wearing the right gemstone/crystal can awaken our energies to our higher self and help to reconnect with it.


What Gemstones & Crystals are best for the Third Eye Chakra?

Just like our body has different energies, so does the Earth makes different gemstones and crystals. Because we are all part of the same Earth, there is a deep connection between certain crystals and certain chakras.

Gemstones like Amethyst, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, purple fluorite, black obsidian support the Third Eye Chakra and help balance it.

These gemstones and crystals help to support, contain and balance the energy in our Third Eye Chakra. They can be used freely as crystals, or within items like Gemstone Malas, Rings, and other jewelry types, as long as natural gemstones and crystals are used.

Here at Manipura, we recognize that each of our chakras is in need of an Earthly friend. Therefore, we carefully design meaningful jewelry from natural Gemstones & Crystals to help balance our energies and to empower and inspire us along our unique path.

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Which Gemstone Mala supports the Sixth Chakra the best?


THE SIXTH / THIRD EYE CHAKRA - THE BEST GEMSTONES & CRYSTALS TO BALANCE ITLabradorite is a stone that is associated with the 6th chakra and seeing the big picture. Jasper is a mineral known as the “supreme nurturer”. It acts as a reminder that you are here to bring joy and substance to others. It supports you through times of stress, by bringing tranquillity and wholeness to your life. You will find that these Malas rock these stones within their own unique design!

Clear Vision Gemstone Mala.
Clarity Gemstone Mala.
Third Eye Chakra Gemstone Mala.
Knowing your Path Gemstone Mala.