Simple Guide to the Fifth / Throat Chakra and the best Gemstones & Crystals to balance it

Simple Guide to the Fifth / Throat Chakra and the best Gemstones & Crystals to balance it

The Fifth / Throat Chakra governs our energies of truth, expression, healing and creativity. Part of our self-development journey is knowing and accepting who we are. Being able to watch our inner world, and accept it, allows us to live and express it with an authentic voice - to show our true colors. This process requires some distance from our inner personal-dynamics. Such an objective, non-judgmental space of awareness is the birthplace of true expression, healing and creativity. The name of the Throat Chakra in Sanskrit is Vishuddhi Chakra. Here is what you should know about it and its associated gemstones and crystals.  

What is The Throat Chakra and how does it affect us?

The fifth chakra is referred to as the Throat Chakra. It is located in the V of the collarbone at the lower neck and is our center of communication, sound, and expression of creativity via thought, speech, and writing. It represents our connection to our innermost truth and our ability to express it in our own unique way. The potential for change, transformation and healing are all located here. The throat chakra is associated with the element Space and its primary color is Blue. Physically it governs the organs located around the Throat and Neck region such as the vocal cords, the entire mouth, and the thyroid gland. 

Our Voice and Hearing are the primary active aspects of the Fifth Chakra and their balance is essential to it. The sound vibrations of our voice convey to the world around us what is going on within us on all levels (mental, emotional, spiritual). Our ability to truly listen to the world is our primary source of spiritual learning. When both aspects are in tune we learn not only the integrity that comes from living our true colors, but also develop an objective, non-judgmental perspective of the world (outer and inner) as well as true creativity.

How does it feel when the Throat chakra is in balance?

In life, we experience ourselves as individuals separated from the world around us. We have our own body, Sensations, and thoughts which are ours alone and which we need to take care of. We also know, however, that there is a non-personal aspect to life. There are people around us, a culture, a society, animals and other living beings, as well as a historical context, and ultimately god. A balanced life according to the chakra system represents an evolution from the personal to the spiritual, from the subjective to the Objective. It's a spiritual journey of perspective and ultimately - Identity. 

The throat chakra acts as a filter between the personal and spiritual aspects of our lives. It embodies the wisdom to understand our inner world, filter it, and express it when necessary in an accurate manner. We find a balance where we don't hurt ourselves by supressing up our primal energies, and at the same time not hurt others with our words. We speak when we have to and listen to others when they have things to say. When we speak, we do so honestly and with integrity. We find it easy to express our emotions, feelings, opinions and most importantly - our truth. 

A balanced throat chakra also enriches the world around us. Since we understand and accept our inner world, we find ways to express it creatively and meaningfully. We may paint, write, act, sculpt or find other creative outlets. On a regular basis, we connect to this place where we find fresh and new creative ways of expression. We become powerful as human beings, more confident with our own uniqueness, and all the time humble enough to see that others are just as unique as we are.

What are the signs that the throat chakra is blocked?

Young children do not yet know shame. They freely express their emotions with no filtering. Over time, as part of normal psychological development, we learn to filter our inner world. We get into the habit of supressing up that which we feel is socially unacceptable. We learn to suppress and adapt we can blend in. There are many reasons why our conversation with the world may get limited, less authentic, and more straining than inspiring. It may be a sign that our throat chakra is blocked. 

We may not dare to express ourselves fully or authentically. This results in us speaking a lot, but without saying anything of value. We may become poor listeners, judgmental or over-critical of ourselves and others. Because of this, we find ourselves raising our voice too often during conversations at home or work. On the flip side, we could also revert to being silent and shy about speaking our heart and mind. This leaves us feeling unheard and looked over. We may find it hard to find the right words, stutter or fall into lying. On the deepest level, we feel disconnected from our truth. This often results in a lack of creativity and the experience of life as being one dimensional.

Physically, a blockage in the Throat Chakra may express itself in stiff shoulders, a chronic cold, coughing a lot, loss of voice, ear and throat infections, as well as problems with our Thyroid gland.



How to balance the Throat Chakra? 

In seeking to balance our throat chakra the Element of Space plays a key role. Space is the background which allows everything else to exist. As such, it has the capacity to heal us. When we talk about needing personal space, we often need some distance from the way our personality engages with the world. Space allows us this distance, which allows us the chance to review objectivity our own subjective emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Such experience of space is healing by nature, and is also, in fact, what allows real creativity to arise.

Creativity is made possible when we connect to a place outside our personal field of experience.  Artists often tell that the act of creating comes 'to them', as opposed to 'from them'. In most case, people search for creativity because they feel it is necessary to find expression, closure or and outlet. Therefore, creativity, in essence, is a healing process, bringing space to our personal experience. This allows us to see our pain and suffering from a distance. We learn about it, express it and let it go. This is one reason why the throat chakra has to potential to transform our lives. It is here where our universal/spiritual side meets our personal/human side. This is where we find our own unique voice, which is both universal and personal. When we find this voice of ours we are also able to truly touch and heal others.

Can Gemstones & Crystals support our Throat Chakra?

Gemstones and crystals are stunning particles of our planet. Since they are made of the 5 elements, they carry within them the metaphysical qualities of the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air as well as Space. Some crystals especially have the capacity to unlock the Space element inside us. They can empower us deeply on many levels, support our healing process and allow creativity to flow within us. Carrying or wearing the right gemstone/crystal can help to balance our fifth/ throat chakra.



What Gemstones & Crystals are best for the Fifth / Throat Chakra?

Just like our body has different energies, so does the Earth makes different gemstones and crystals. Because we are all parts of the same Earth, there is a deep connection between certain crystals and certain chakras. So what Gemstones and Crystals balance the fifth/ throat chakra? 

While all gemstones and crystals bring healing properties to all chakras, there are some stones that are more often associated with particular chakras. Gemstones like Aquamarine and Azurite, Lapis Lazuli, and Turquoise are known to support the Throat Chakra and help to balance it. These gemstones help to support, contain and balance the Space energy in our Throat Chakra.

We can use them freely beside our bed or in our pocket. For even better results, we use them within jewelry items like Necklaces, Gemstone Malas, Rings or Bracelets. More important than the exact form is that only natural gemstones and crystals are used.

Here at Manipura, we recognize that each of our chakras is in need of an Earthly friend. Therefore, we carefully design meaningful jewelry from natural Gemstones & Crystals to help balance our energies and to empower and inspire us along our unique path.

To find meaningful handmade jewellery designed for the Fifth/ Throat Chakra view our Healing & Expression Collection. 

Which Gemstone Malas support the 5th Chakra?

As a stone of truth (Satya), Lapis encourages honesty of the spirit, as well as in written and spoken word. It is said that when we embody the principle of truth our words become reality. It will support you in all forms of communication with the ones surrounding you, as well as help you manifest your heart wishes. This makes it the perfect companion for our throat Chakra. 

Deep Connection Gemstone 
Turquoise Delight Gemstone Mala
Throat Chakra Gemstone Mala
Inspiration Gemstone Mala 


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